Thursday, December 1, 2011

Asagia and Tiffany Washington

There's a magical moment that happens at every wedding. It's the second when all of the obstacles and stresses that brought the bride and groom to that moment suddenly disappear. It can be a look, a conversation, a deep breath, or a long walk down a short isle.

For Tiffany and Guy, it was when they were lining up with the wedding party to head over to their ceremony. Tiffany had wanted to have her very pregnant friend as a bridesmaid, but it had always been a "maybe," not because of the closeness of their relationship, but because her friend was just that pregnant. With her bridal party around her, Tiffany called to share the moment with her absent friend.

As she tried not to let tears mess up her make-up, she looked up at Guy and all he had to say was, "Baby, it's ok." Looking at him, she took a deep breath, and that was that. The moment. All that remained in focus was starting a new life with one another. The only goal was celebrating with family and friends all around during an amazing party. And it was magic.

Tiffany and Guy met on 11/11 and were married on 11/11/11, 11 years to the day from the day they met; it's no wonder 11 is Guy's favorite number. A few weekends ago these two had a wedding with as much personality as they have. It was fun, full of warmth, and infused with individuality. Those in attendance had watched Tiffany and Guy live life together already, and were excited to finally be at the wedding. The whole event had such a feel of close-knit family that it was an honor for us just to be a part.

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